DIY, Group Coaching and Done-For-You Website Builds
For Professional Services, Consultants and Coaches

We help consultants, coaches and professional services build high converting, ULTRA cost saving and super fast websites in 5 days or less!


Want to Save Money? Learn To Build High Converting Websites With No Coding Experience Necessary In Just 5 Days!


Want Someone to Guide You? Group Coaching on How to Build a Website From Scratch Within 5 Days and No Coding Experience Required!


No Desire to Learn? Want it All Done-For-You? No Problem, Let's Talk About Your Business and Get You Set Up - just book in a call!



Are you TIRED of paying between $100 to $300 per month for a website that simply just needs to land you paying clients? Yes! We’re here to help you get set up, no matter your budget!

Perfect For Total Website Rookies

If you have absolutely ZERO experience or only some experience building websites, you will LOVE our training!

Build Your Email List Automatically

Want to have a simple to follow, simple to use and effective email follow up sequence for customers who want special offers from you? Done!

Integration With Automatic Call Scheduling

How would you like all call scheduling to be automatically taken care of for you via your website? You'll have it all sorted in no time!

Meet Your Online Instructor, Shaun McDonogh


Here is some feedback from previous clients that we have worked with doing development work.


“I really enjoyed the course with Shaun, Chris and Jon. It gave me a very deep insight of not just website creation, but even marketing and business mindset. They shared gems, what truly helped me start working on my business and now I have a lot of ideas, how I would like to help people and show what I am capable of. My personal favourite is the mindset they have.

The modules are clear, understandable, Shaun is very flexible with his teaching, he is jumping on any questions raised in the middle of the class and not just answering them, but actually walks you through the problem, and show solutions. He really goes those extra miles to make sure, you are comfortable with the topic.

The course gives very high-value content, compared to a lot of others out there in the market. Not just basic, step by step guide, but helps you truly understand the why behind each step if you are interested. It is not a short course, but when we finished it, I actually felt like I do not want to stop. I have a lot of knowledge given, and I would miss the small group of peers, the good vibe, energy and resources Shaun shared, the professionality and background support Jon gave, and the marketing golden nuggets Chris showed us.

Well done guys, I have no idea what is the next course about, but I am signed up” – Aggie


“What can I say but thank you. The team have been fantastic, and I have enjoyed being part of this group. Shaun has delivered highly technical content in an easy to follow way, he has a great demeanour about him that makes it a pleasure to learn what would normally be very boring subject.

If you would like to learn how to create your own website from scratch and have up and running then this is the course for you.”

 – Grant


“I immediately trusted Shaun. He creates a culture that makes me trust that he will take me where I need to go. He got the accurate skills plus the engagement. It feel like he has a genuine willingness to help me to learn and know my stuff. The course was to the point, clear and fun to do. No wasted time on “fluffy” stuff. I feel like I finally know what I am doing in wp and I am ready to show my site to the world.”

 – Maria



No matter your budget, we have a solution for you. With our method, you are GUARANTEED to save $3,000 per year compared with other leading brands.

Group Coaching - Online
  • Join live training sessions and have a mentor work WITH You!
  • Learn How to Build a Site for Yourself and Others
  • Sales Funnels and Email Opt-Ins
  • Automatic Call Scheduling
  • Auto Conference Call Link
  • Save $3000+ per year
  • Done-For-You Website Design!
  • No Hassle, Fully Intagrated
  • Email Opt-Ins
  • Automatic Call Scheduling
  • 5 Day Turnaround!
  • Friendly and Experienced S



The first step is to assess your specific needs and health of existing online business through a free discovery call.


Should you wish to continue pursuing recruiting our services, we can help you choose the best option for you given your level of experience and confidence.


Once a full online health check is established, we can book you into your own online training course, add you to a group coaching crash week or do it all for you!

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